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Tunis JavaScript Meetup Group (TunJS shortly) is a community of Tunisian IT professionals and students interested in JavaScript and web development in general. Join us!

What we aim for?

We aim to develop critical JavaScript skills by providing a platform enabling knowledge and experience sharing by mean of organizing meetups.

We also aspire to keep up with the rapidly and continuously evolving web technologies.

What we do?

  • meet up often
  • learn new things
  • follow technology trends
  • share knowledge and experience
  • train and assist starters

What we focus on?

  • JavaScript
    • the programming language itself
    • libraries and client-side frameworks
    • best practices
  • Web technologies
    • HTML5, CSS3, and server-side technologies
  • Web development
    • workflow, testing, performance, tools ...

What's in it for you?

  • as beginner

    you will be in the right environment to learn the target technologies

  • as professional

    you will be able to improve your skills or to learn new ones

  • as business/sponsor

    it will be easier for your recruiters to find talented web developers, seniors and juniors as well

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